It was 1958, and a young woman stood behind a small town hardware store counter. Her toddler wandered down the aisles and chatted with customers as she tried to keep up while carrying her second baby on her hip.

She quickly learned the difference between a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver. She knew every customer by name and kept her little girls in line – all with her perfect blonde beehive in place.

The woman running that small town hardware store was my Grandmother—the baby on her hip, my mother.

Throughout my life, Grandy shared lessons from her life of entrepreneurial endeavors. Most grandmothers don’t teach their 5-year-old granddaughters about accruing interest – but mine did. And while I wasn’t always grateful for these words of wisdom, I now see the value in the knowledge she poured into me.

My Grandmother broke the status quo in favor of doing things her way. And we strive to emulate this in our work at blondly. 

So, “why blondly?” Well, our answer is simple.

It began with one woman, her blonde beehive, and a small town hardware store – and we hope blondly pays honor to her legacy.


Have you worked with an agency and felt like they never “got you”?

Yeah – we’ve been there too.

At blondly, we’re believers in the profound value of relationships. We get to know you so we can tell your story well – and your clients will see the difference.

For us – it’s simple. We are people who value people.

We deliver good work and great stories because we build real client relationships.

Let’s tell your story.





Shannon is an experienced marketing and communications professional. Driven by her desire to bring affordable marketing opportunities to small businesses, she launched blondly in April 2020. Shannon learned the value of branding during her time as Miss Texas 2015, where she built a social media following for the brand’s accounts, booked engagements, and developed sponsorship opportunities. Shannon received a BA in Journalism from The University of Oklahoma, an MA in Communication, and an MBA from Dallas Baptist University. As an entrepreneur, Shannon’s goal is to equip every brand with the tools needed to tell its story.

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Brittany is our Creative Director at blondly. From unique logos and beautiful illustrations to layouts or brand designs, Brittany brings a face to the stories we tell. Brittany completed her undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University and graduated with a masters in architecture from Texas A&M. She loves art of all kinds, is a reality tv junkie, and can be found doodling every day of the week. 

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Norman is head of humor at blondly. Although he is the smallest member of the team, no one has told him – and he still firmly believes he is in charge. Norman is committed to daily naps and “night night” treats. He invites friends, fans, and others to follow his daily adventures with the blondly crew on his Instagram. @normantheintern

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